Access Consciousness the Bars and Access Facelift

I have always been intrigued by our ability to change, our abilities to visit our past issues and work on those in order to create the future we want for the future person we want to be, or simply just love ourselves and feel at one and at peace with who we are and all we can be!! When we are able to live in a heart based, love felt place for ourselves and others everything changes!! Magic is created around us and for us. For this the reason I love the magic of ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS both the bars and the ACCESS FACELIFT which is my newest treatment on offer. Access Consciousness is a method which was founded by Gary Douglas and DR Dain Heer. Together they created the phenomenon of the bars and access Consciousness. This method uses points on the head and for the lifting and lifting extreme points on the face and body. On the head the points are held until the Practitioner feels that the client has allowed all thoughts feelings and belief systems that no longer serve or benefit them to leave. Like clearing out an old file system on your computer, ie your brain and the false programmes you store about yourself. Access Consciousness helps you to connect with your true self to be your best self your ultimate potential. After a session you will feel reprogrammed alive positive and motivated!! People have life changing results with the Bars and the Access Lifting can help to stop slow down aging over time. Access Facial Lifting and Lifting Extreme allows you to take control of your body, your belief systems about your aging and how you believe you will age, the results are a more energised and softer beautiful skin and body alike. WE are energy!!!WE are Energy with a Resonance, Access Consciousness enters this field of vibration and cellular memory and aids and helps facilitate positive changes.


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